About Fu-Gen

Fu-Gen was founded on the initiative of a group of renewable energy experts who bring together experience in the development and construction of new projects, as well as the operation and acquisition of existing ones.


Our development strategy aims at the creation of an extensive grid-parity portfolio made of solar, wind, and storage based projects. We currently operate in Sweden and Italy with locally established teams in both countries.


Our strategy is run by a global management team, while country-specific activities are carried out by the local teams. It is part of our business strategy to develop our projects in close cooperation with local communities, landowners, and regulators.


Our Vision

At Fu-Gen we share the vision of a Europe which is solely powered by renewable energy. We believe that current technological advancements and clear regulation allow a transition to clean energy production.


Fu-Gen is dedicated to creating value in its project by developing them at the highest standards and in accordance with the new architecture of modern electricity grids.


Development expertise

Deep market understanding

Local presence and connections

Our Strategy

Fu-Gen’s development strategy is to create a diversified portfolio with geographic clusters.

We secure the power supply generated in our projects through direct PPAs and contracts with end users. We believe in developing our own pipeline of projects with state of the art technology.